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You need to take extra care when writing FinTech software: after all, you are dealing with streams of real money. That is probably why the financial industry is slower when adopting new technologies.

However, it is changing now - the Big Data, AI, Mobile and Web revolutions are taking over our daily finances as well!

Still, the top requirements for FinTech software are: reliability, security, integrity. This is why it is so important to choose a development partner where quality of the software comes first.

FinTech innovation

Our team

To become a member of our team, it is not enough to be a great coder. You are also required to understand complex domains and requirements. This way, the process of producing the software is always clearly focused and the whole team has the big picture in mind.

Because of our 100% flat and remote organisation, SoftwareMill attracts people who are great in communication, independent in their work and focused on delivering a working product.

Michał Matłoka

Senior Software Developer



Developed big-scale

e-commerce solutions with performant services handling over 2k req/s on a single machine with very low latency.

Jacek Kunicki

Senior Software Engineer



Worked on a project integrating multiple external sources of financial data with standardisation of formats, improving speed of import process.

Krzysztof Grajek

Senior Software Engineer



Co-implemented an automatic and maintenance-free loan repayment system for customers and company employees, integrating various payment providers with back office and web application.

Technology stack

With so many technologies to choose from, which one is a good fit for FinTech projects? On one hand, you want to iterate quickly on your product. On the other, you do not want to break things too often, but maintain a stable, quality codebase.

Our answer is Java and Scala. Both, being modern and type-safe languages, have a vast Big Data/Fast Data processing ecosystem that emerged around it, with Apache Spark as the most notable example. That builds on the solid foundations of the JVM, which powers a significant portion of business-critical applications.

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